Monday, February 12, 2018

one week in

The carpeting was installed
in the master bedroom last Monday.

If you need carpet installed - call these guys

I can't even describe the difference 
in how the room felt
once the carpet was in.

Of course,
it was comfortable underfoot,
but it was more than that.

I wanted to just lay on the floor 
the rest of the day
and enjoy the feeling.
there was rain in the forecast 
for pretty much all day Tuesday
and I didn't relish sharing my sleeping space 
even one more time
with a tub to catch drips,
so I wanted to move immediately.

Tyler had a meeting after work
and wouldn't likely be home before 10.

Since he couldn't help move,
 we decide to surprise him.

The kids and I 
took apart,
  carried over,
and put back together
our bed and just a few other things
that'd make our new room 
feel like home.
(and the microwave and coffee maker
and all the necessary coffee paraphernalia)

The rest could wait...

I ironed Tyler's clothes for the next day
and went to put them in the closet
where I was surprised to discover
that I still hadn't installed
(or even purchased)
hanging rods.
No matter, I just hung his clothes on a shelf....

I let the kids stay up 'til Daddy came home
(which ended up being well past 11!)
because they were so excited.

Tyler was darn near giddy
when he found not only carpet,
but also his bed
in the new house.


I know I'd said that when we moved our bed over
I was taking some time off,
but I very quickly realized that plan 
wasn't going to work,
because now that we're all in the new house,
we really need a functioning kitchen.


  1. "Ahhhhhh" says it all. :-) Your room looks so welcoming - no wonder Tyler was over the moon!


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