Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ribbon Star

It all started a few weeks ago,
when this picture showed up in my IG feed.

I thought, 
"Oh that is gorgeous! I need some!"
(Y'all know how I love Art Gallery fabrics...)

Then I remembered
that I am not the sort of person 
who purchases impulsively,
so I did not rush to Etsy 
and buy some.

But I thought about that fabric
almost every day
for over a week,
and when I decided it was no longer an impulse purchase
and looked for it,
I found a shop that was having a 25% off sale,
and I didn't want to lose money on it,
so I stuck 4 yards in my cart,
because wouldn't it make a fantastic backing?!

And then,
thinking I might need a bit more 
for pattern matching such a large print,
I added another 1/2 yard.

While I was waiting for my fabric to arrive,
and after oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous baby
in the matching sweater
I thought,
that would look really nice in some of that fusion fabric...."

But I argued with myself,
"no ~ you bought that to be a quilt back..."

But then I remembered that 
I bought an extra 1/2 yard!
(I'll worry about the pattern matching business later)
and started scheming,
and drew up a pattern.

When my fabric arrived
and I set about finding my fabrics to go with it,
I realized that my typical stash building with fat quarters
was not going to work for this quilt.
And it seemed foolish to buy more fabric,
when I already have quite a lot,
just to make this one quilt
that I really  have no use for.

So I decided that I would save all of the fabric 
for a backing
and not make that sweet star quilt.

And I was going to follow through on that plan.
Really I was.

Except that,
I had already decided how I was going to quilt it.

And when you already know how you are going to quilt something,
and you smack are in the middle of
Operation Up My Quilting Game,
it sort of seems like you should make it,
don't you think??

On Tuesday,
a little before lunch time,
I ran to Fort Smith real quick
and found a Grunge fabric that matched almost perfectly
and got to work.

By late afternoon,
And by late Friday morning,
she was ready to go in the wash.

I'm so tickled with how Ribbon Star turned out;
it's just as I pictured.

I still need to perfect my feather technique
(tips appreciated!)
but they are plenty passable.
And my swirls,
though not perfect,
look pretty great.

After I quilted the first ribbon section,
I giddily told Tyler,
"I am actually getting good at this!"
Which feels really nice.

I'm not sure yet
 if I'm going to list this one in my shop
or save it to donate somewhere else.
But I sure am glad I 
dropped everything
and made it.

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  1. Oh wow - this is so amazing! Such a wonderful piece of art! I love it!

    1. Thanks, Sandra. It's not my usual style (in fact - Lexi said, "You're making a whole quilt with THREE fabrics?! haha) but I do like it!

  2. I have a FQ of that floral too, it's very treasured and I should get more. Such a gorgeous quilt you have made, love the quilting, the colours - everything.

    1. The colors are SO vibrant! I should probably order some other fabrics from the line....

  3. I can see why it haunted you and you just had to buy the fabric, then get down to business. Gorgeous quilt.

    1. Some projects just do that.... Thanks :-)
      and thanks for stopping by and leaving a note :-)

  4. THIS--!! Absolutely love it and it's the quintessential DREAMi! (I am going to put you in my last year's DREAMi post as a shining (star ha!) example I think! Beautiful design, beautiful fabric (SO glad you bought it and then went for it) and stunning quilting - no improvement needed IMHO; those feathers flow, the spirals circle evenly, all looks texture-delicious-touchable to me! I LOVE this:
    it seemed foolish to buy more fabric,
    when I already have quite a lot,
    just to make this one quilt
    that I really have no use for.

    think I'm going to write that in a pretty font and print and paste it on my sewing room uh sloped ceiling as I don't really have any wall space in my loft ha!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. You are too sweet! And you totally crack me up :-)

  5. You did a spectacular job on the quilting!! Enjoy your newly completed quilt.


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