Thursday, January 18, 2018

say this; not that

I'm in an admittedly irritable mood.

Probably something to do with being sick for days.
(I'm no longer miserable,
but I don't yet have energy to actually do much of anything,
and I assure you -
there are all sorts of things that need doing...)

But what I'm fixing to talk about 
has bothered me for almost 2 years now,
so it can't be blamed on my irritability.

The reason I'm actually addressing it 
quite possibly 
of the aforementioned mood.


Once of my Instagram friends 
shared a personal story of a long time dream
finally realized.

Most responses were a variation of 
my favorite, "I am so happy for you!"

But there was also at least one
"I'm so jealous"
which is what sent me here.

Can I just tell you,
as someone who has sacrificed greatly
and worked very hard to achieve a goal,
that is an absolutely awful response!!

Be happy with me,
don't be jealous of me!

It's not congratulatory.
It's not a compliment.
And it's not kind.

Stop saying it.


  1. I AM HAPPY WITH YOU! :) I really am. You're the best

    1. Thanks, Susan!! (I am so happy you are back in the blogosphere :-)


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