Wednesday, January 17, 2018

here lately

Despite all of my precautions,
I've been flat laid out by the vile virus
that's been making its rounds.

Since I finally have enough strength to type
(not hold my head up and type,
mind you,
just type...)
I figured I'd pop in here for a few minutes.


Based on my cooking thermometer,
the kitchen was 50 degrees this morning.
That's with heaters in the kitchen, dining room and LEM
going full blast all night long.

The living room
(another heater - full blast all night)
was only slightly warmer.

I am so ready to be out of this house!!


I'm also absolutely overwhelmed
with all of the work we still have to do
for that to happen.

I told Tyler that when we moved
 - and by moved, I mean our bed; not everything -
we are taking at least 2 weeks off.

We are closer to moving today
than we've ever been.
So there's that.

(I stole that line from my sister in law :-)

Let's see.

We did all camp out in the new house 
on Christmas Eve
and woke up nice and toasty
and had a warm and peaceful morning.
Well, whole day, really.

not that I like mess or anything - but this makes me happy because there is room for mess, without Momma freaking out.

Brandon's closet is finished

I love it so so much!

so all his room needs 
in order for him to move in
is baseboards in the closet
and we need to nail, fill, caulk and paint
the baseboards that are already in place around his room.

Something to cover the window might be nice too.
And a doorknob.

Of course there's plenty more that needs doing,
but that can come later.


The kitchen cabinets are painted!!
(picture to come when I feel up to walking out there
 and snapping one)

We opted to pay (big) money to have them
professionally painted.

I wasn't overly excited about the idea,
but the thought of all that prep work
(and how long it would take!)
persuaded me.

I'm not thrilled with my color (SW Watery) choice
(or rather - how it looks on the cabinets.
I'm still bamboozled about this,
because I am good with the dot of paint on the can)
but I am choosing to be happy with them.

I'm sure I'll like it better 
when we've added knobs and pulls
a black walnut counter top
and a backsplash.


Tyler helped me get the boards ready
(seriously - the prep work on all of these projects!!)
and while he was gone on a business trip last week,
I finished staining them,
sealed 'em,
and then
Lily and I built the closet shelving in the master closet.
(she was the only non-sick kid)

the shelves look really narrow, for some reason, but they're 11 3/4". 

I left an embarrassing number of nails
for Tyler to cut off.

there were so many,
it passed embarrassing
and went to downright ridiculous. 

I told him I am losing all of my badges
in the home stretch 😖

I still need to buy the rods and rod hangers
but those aren't needed for the baseboards to go in.
Baseboards, you may know,
 mean one giant step closer to carpet.

And carpet means 
we can move the bed in!


  1. THE AMOUNT OF PREP WORK IS RIDICULOUS!!! If you ask me, the number of badges should DOUBLE, not dwindle. Seriously. What do a few (hundred?) nails have to do with anything? :-) Everything looks so good! I can hardly wait for you all to be comfy in your new place.

    1. You would think I could be doubling the badges - I mean - all of this EXPERIENCE.....
      According to Jeremiah one of the shelves was built when I was hangry. Who waits 3 hours to eat when their stomach is growling?? sheesh (probably the same sort of person who takes 3 hours to build a 1 hour shelf - that's who ;-)

  2. This is so exciting! Everything looks gorgeous. I don't know what you were going for with the kitchen cabinet paint, but I think the colors look beautiful! Everything is so tasteful and pretty.

    Also, I'm sorry you've been sick. I was sick during Christmas break, and it was no fun. But since you took that photo of the kitchen, you apparently felt a little bit better, at least for that moment! Get well!

    1. Thanks for sharing our excitement:-) I was going for a little more of a very slightly grayed aqua, and on the cabinets it's more of a light blue. It's a fine color, it just doesn't make my heart sing.
      Thankfully, we are all well again ~ that one was a doozy, though!


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