Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sojourner, a finished quilt

This was a fun one,
and I am so so pleased with how it turned out!!

Back in April,
Billie told me she'd like to order a quilt.

That started off a flurry of messages,
and sending links back and forth
so I could get a feel for what she liked.

We ended up choosing Kathleen's Gypsy Wife quilt
as inspiration.
I thought at the time
that it was not an actual Gypsy Wife,
because her fabric choices 
made it look so different from all of the others I'd seen
but Hydee assures me it does follow the pattern.

Not knowing that, though, 
I drew up my own pattern /map.

I told Tyler and Brandon during a brain storming session
that I wanted a name that was similar to Gypsy Wife
but more appropriate for this quilt
and for Billie and Andy,
and when somebody tossed out 'sojourner',
I knew we'd found it.
You see,
Andy and Billie are currently living in Bosnia
teaching English,
using the Bible.
Not only are they currently literally sojourning,
they live their entire lives
with a Kingdom focus,
as if this earth is not their home,
so the name was doubly perfect.

I ordered lots of fabric
and even ordered a couple of jelly rolls for greater variety
(there are at least 156 different fabrics in this quilt!)

and started piecing on May 23rd,
not long after finishing up my niece's epic quilt.

and then sewed the backing.

We went with a wool batting and lawn backing
to produce an exceptionally luscious quilt

I didn't actually start on the quilting until mid September
because I quilted Sparkle first,
so I could give it to my sister sooner
and also so I could just get in more quilting practice.

Using a quilt of Kathleen's as inspiration
was rather intimidating!
I'd already told Billie that my quilting
wasn't going to look anywhere near as good as Kathleen's,
but still, I didn't want her dissappointed,
ya know?!

I watched videos
and practiced practiced practiced
a whole bunch of new to me quilting motifs.
And then,
to make sure I was ready,

All of that paid off,
and I am ridiculously proud 
of the quilting on this one!

I feel like I have grown so much as a quilter this year,
even though I was sooo busy with building 
that I only made a few quilts.

I know that Angela Walters says
that seam ripping doesn't make you a better quilter,
so you should never un-do your quilting,
but I unpicked quite a few 
less than excellent lines of quilting anyways.
It might not make me a better quilter,
but it makes the quilt better,
so it makes me a happier quilter.
And that's better ~ right?

Because I love adding scripture to quilts,
I quilted in 2 verses;
"How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good news"
Psalm 146:9
"The Lord watches over the sojourners."
How perfect is that?!
I love the image of God himself
watching over my friends.

My photographer friend, Lisa,
 was going to take pictures of this beauty for me
but I wasn't done with it at the appointed time : /

I finished sewing on the binding
about 26 hours
 before they were going to be picking up the quilt.
(and still had to make the label!)

Even though it wasn't done done,
all washed and crinkly,
the sun was out,
so I threw it down in a spot of sun 
got a few pics with my phone,
then grabbed the boys

and told them to grab something to stand on

and we quickly ran out in the 15 degree weather
and snapped a few more pictures.

I made the label after everyone was in bed,
sewed it on yesterday,
tossed it in the wash
and pulled it out of the dryer
about 10 minutes before Billie messaged me
that they were on their way.

Cutting it a bit close, eh?!

Sojourner was a joy to make
and I am so happy to get to make a quilt
for such precious people,
and to start the year off
giving a couple of machines
to Rahab's Rope!

Andy and Billie - we love ya!
Thanks for being such wonderful examples of love and generosity.
Thanks for partnering with me.
Oh, and Billie - you know how you said India
is becoming more closed to missionaries?
That's where our machines are going.

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful!! You have such a gift of picking out fabric and making a glorious quilt!! Jill

  2. This is totally gorgeous! I hope this stays in your family for at least 200 years!

  3. Your client should be well-pleased with this quilt. You did a spectacular quilting job!

    1. She said she loves it almost as much as she loves our family, so I'll take that as a good sign :-)

  4. The backing is fabulous. But the QUILTING!!!! Love love LOVE! And the shots with the boys, just precious. What a wonderful, meaningful quilt you've made, just wow! Makes my day gazing at it all!! Thanks for so many great photos.

    1. Isn't it? I can't even guess how many hours I spent searching for the perfect backing fabric! And the shop I bought it from was the ONLY place I could find it. She offered me a discount to buy all that she had, but I just didn't have the extra cash to do so - I've kicked myself more than once for not buying it though.
      Thanks for your encouragement :-)

  5. This is EXACTLY what I want to do with some of the 100s of orphan blocks my grandmother has given me!! Thank you for showing me that it would totally work :D

    1. What a treasure (or - treasureS) that will be for your family, Lisa!!


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