Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Inside Out, a finished quilt top

You remember how I up and decided
(a month ago today, actually)

I kept up with the 30 blocks
(of course, 
the blocks were all super simple,
so it wasn't too hard)
and then immediately sewed them into a quilt top
after adding in a 3 inch strip of background fabric(2)
to each row.

When Lexi saw it all together,
she said she wanted it.

Considering I'd just posted on Instagram
that the poor girl had outgrown both of her quilts,
and I really had no reason for making it,
except that I needed to sew,
I figured I should let her have it.

Except that at 52.5 x 60,
it wasn't much bigger than the last quilt I made her.

I quickly drew up another 5 blocks
that would go with the other 30,
then dug around for 5 more fabrics
and sewed those blocks up too
and added the row to the quilt.

Then I added three borders,
(making the width of the horizontal borders
just a smidge wider than the vertical borders)

and now,
I've got a  71 x 90 quilt top
for my baby girl

linking up with amanda jean again :-)


  1. And what a fabulous quilt it is! Your little Lexi will have beautiful memories of this quilt. (That's a good thing because if she's at all like my grandies, she will love it to shreds.)


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