Tuesday, April 3, 2018

sewing again

Besides helping Lexi a tiny bit
with the bag she made a few weeks ago
(that I haven't posted about yet.
except in passing)
and some hand-quilting that I squeeze in
here and there
as I can,
I haven't sewn since the morning of January 26th
when I finished up Ribbon Star.

When we first moved into the new house
(early February)
I figured that I'd just sew in the other house
until we got the LEM moved
and I had my own space.

It quickly became apparent that 
that wasn't going to happen.

I was even busier than I'd been.

Turns out building and moving
along with the rest of life,
is even more time consuming 
than building and life.

But also,
without us living in the house
and opening the door 
fifty zillion times a day,
(letting in fresh air, along with the bugs)
it got stale and nasty really quickly
(nastier - it was already plenty nasty)

Add to that, 
it was,
of course,
and well - 
I had zero desire to spend any more time
than absolutely necessary in that house any more!

I also had no desire to go trashing 
the new house
with my sewing explosions,
so I had already decided that until I had a sewing room,
the only sewing I would do over here
would be by hand.

I love hand - quilting.
Y'all know that.

But the thing about hand quilting is
it's slow
my hands are still giving me grief,
and it doesn't always feel creative.

I'd started announcing
 how many weeks it's been since I've sewed.

I might have even gotten whiny about it.
It's hard to say...

This past weekend,
Tyler said,
"I've been thinking.
You can set up a sewing space in the library."
(The library is unfinished, 
and half of it isn't even built yet
because we can't add the other half of it
until we get the LEM moved into position.

It's also where we keep most of our smaller tools,
the rest of the flooring,
the window casing wood,
doors that have yet to be installed...)

I started to tell him why that wasn't a good idea

when I realized
there really was no reason why that wouldn't work.

Sure - I wouldn't be able to have all of my stuff,
and certainly not all of my fabric,
but I could have a table with a sewing machine on it!

I sew in the library.

Thanks, Love!

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