Sunday, April 22, 2018

camping in no man's land

As you might guess from the title,
we went camping.

Where cell signals,
piped or pumped water,
and electricity
do not exist.


You might remember,
last year,
during Spring Break
the guys went on a white water kayaking trip
with my brother, Matt,
and some of his friends,
where they had to carry everything they needed
for the 3 day trip
with them.

I guess you wouldn't remember it,
because it seems I never posted it;

I've been awful about that the past few years.

Last year,
the guys went on a kayaking trip
with Matt,
and Tyler wanted to do a similar,
though less perilous,
and much easier
this year,
with the whole family.
(but Brandon couldn't miss school and work,
so it wasn't the whole family. pooh.)

we made our way out past Harrison,
to a little isolated campground 
on the Buffalo River,
where we spent a nice couple of days
with the place to ourselves
kayaking, reading (only me),
cooking over a fire and by Coleman stoves,
and sitting by the campfire.

It was super cold at night,
so Tyler brought along a little propane heater 
which worked well 
(along with the stacks of sleeping bags and quilts)
to keep us from freezing,
but the day temperatures were fairly pleasant.
Some of the kids even swam,
though it really was waaay too cold for that!

The water was a gorgeous blue-green,
and there were even some spots of sand
along the mostly rocky beach.
The campsite was several feet up and back
from the water, though,
so when at the camp,
you could only catch glimpses of the water
through trees
when standing.

In spite of the cold evenings and nights,
and complete lack of amenities,
it was a nice little trip
and I loved being able to spend time with Matt and Marin,
and of course, Milo,
who now adores his cousins more than ever.

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