Friday, March 31, 2017

baby TOMs, sort of

While the guys went kayaking on the Buffalo
at the tail end of Spring Break
(which I hope to post about soon)
the girls and I went to stay with Marin and Milo.

I knew I'd have lots of time to sit and hand quilt
while Marin was busy with the baby)

While there,
Marin mentioned that Milo's feet were disproportionately large
(he is a rather petite little guy)
and none of his shoes fit his long narrow feet.

So while his mama was otherwise occupied,
Lily grabbed some paper and a pen
and I quickly traced one of his feet.
Then she hid the evidence in her purse,
so Aunt Marin wouldn't know we were up to anything.

You see,
Saturday is Milo's 1st birthday!
And I hadn't yet come up with a good gift idea,
but she handed me one on a silver platter;

I could make shoes!

In trying to find the pattern I've used in the past to make shoes,
and they were just too cute not to try.

Too cheap thrifty to buy the 'sized' pattern,
I opted to enlarge the free baby pattern
(although I could have just as easily shrunk the toddler one)

I used Essex linen in steel for the outer,
a charcoal stripe that I'd used in Milo's quilt for the lining
and some red suede for the soles.

The tags were made with twill tape, 
a blue fabric marker,
and a super fine felt tip pen.

It seemed like my uppers were going to be too tall,
so I took off 1/8 in height all the way around before sewing
them to the soles.
(resizing shoes isn't as simple as just enlarging the pattern)

I think they turned out super cute,
and the girls and I have squealed over them many times.

As adorable as they are,
they took waay too long to make, 
so I don't foresee making these for just anybody
though I will definitely have to make a pair for Hadley,
'cause both her mama and daddy wear TOMs

I decided to make a little drawstring bag
to wrap them in,
and I like it almost as much as the shoes ;-)

Happy Trails, Milo!
We all love you so much!! XOXO


  1. These are so cute! Great job!

  2. Oh my goodness, absolutely adorable!!

  3. Such a lovely gift - congratulations on all your hard work!!

  4. So adorable - and very professional looking! Every touch is perfect. :-)

  5. Absolutely adorable! Way above my pay grade, I am afraid! Great job!

  6. Dang! Those are so so soooo cute!! You did a great job on them. :) I think miniature everything is adorable, especially baby shoes. These are a wonderful birthday present!


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