Thursday, March 23, 2017

flowering snowball finished top!

I told you the other day
that whenever I had a moment, I sewed.

And ya'll probably thought I was finishing up Jordan's quilt.

But I wasn't.

I was making a new one!

I really wanted a 'palette cleanser'
after that quilt.

Don't get me wrong,
I loved making it,
but as I've said before,
it's a little stressful to sew to other people's specifications.

I don't want to mess up their vision for their quilt.

I've had a few small projects sprinkled in here and there,
(Like Milo's and Hadley's quilts, oh, and Brycen's quilt
among other things)
but I started Faith and Freedom last January,
which was a pretty intensive quilt,
and as soon as I finished it,
I turned my attention to On the Wild Side,
and as soon as that was finished,
I immediately got going on Stars for a Star.

So you see,
 I was really ready for a fun project that didn't require a ton of thought.

I've wanted to make a flowering snowball quilt
ever since I saw Mary's over 2 years ago.

It was time.

I cut all of the white fabrics 
I needed 2 weeks ago, 
after I'd run out of thread
6 hours away from finishing the quilting on (swoony) Stars for a Star.

But then
I didn't get going on the colored fabrics,
because I sorta panicked.

A flowering snowball is nothing but curves.
And the only curves I've sewn,
beside in garment sewing
(which I don't do a ton of
and half of what I do sew - is sleeveless)

The other thing that held me back was
the fabric mess.

I knew I wanted to use a ton of different fabrics,
and that was going to create quite a mess.

I decided to sew a test block,
just to see just how hard it was going to be.
And you know what? It wasn't hard at all!

And I suddenly wanted to start on my quilt immediately!
(by then, Jordan's quilt was finished
except for hand-sewing the binding down)

But I still had 224 pieces of fabric to cut.

Thursday morning,
after coffee,
I started going through fabric.

I went through one drawer, or  bag, or a basket at a time,
and cut 1 piece
from every fabric that I chose,
then immediately folded it back up.
Once all fabrics were cut from each drawer, bag, or basket
(my fabric is stored all over the place!)
I returned all of the folded pieces.

It took the entire day,
between school
and chores
and cleaning up after myself,
but by bedtime,
I had all of my fabric cut
and put away!

This is getting too long.

The Reader's Digest version of the rest is -
I made a quilt top in less than a week.

1 set of templates
504 pieces
279 different fabrics
4 hrs of seam ripping (it. was. ridiculous.)
1 - 63"x72" quilt top
6 days.


  1. Wow - that is an amazing quilt. What a lot of pieces. Yours curves look fantastic!!

  2. Your seam ripping! (Oh, can I relate!) Wow, you really ripped into making this one! (hardyharhar). I can't believe how quickly (and tidily) this came together - you.are.amazing. :-)

  3. Now that quilt is adorable - I love it!

  4. This is a wonderful and beautiful quilttop! And you put it all together in such a short time - wow! I love the Flowering Snowball pattern and am dreaming of making a quilt like that one day! So awesome!

  5. This is so beautiful! I tried one of these blocks...once! I failed! Seeing your quilt makes me think I should try again!

  6. Amazing - love all the colours!!

  7. This is beautiful! I'm super impressed that you did this it in less than a week. It takes me longer than that to think of a plan. Wonderful!

  8. I'm baffled at how you managed to get that many piece of fabric cut and STILL kept the place tidy! I always begin with good intentions, but know the rest. This top is beautiful. Love, love the colors and the text fabric!


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