Monday, October 3, 2016

triangles for Baby

Ten days ago,
I didn't even know this quilt wanted to be made.

And yet,
a day later,

after consulting with Kacy regarding nursery decor,

I gathered and cut fabrics,

and started sewing flying geese on Sunday afternoon

while the girls had dance practice.

Bloc Loc Flying Geese rulers make trimming blocks so easy!!

By Monday afternoon,
I had a completed 40x48 inch quilt top.

(baby quilts is so fast :-)

Tuesday, I fought with thread tension
long quilted.


I could not have centered my corner on my binding seam any better if I had tried! Never mind no one wants a seam there ;-)

at 2:49

it was in the wash,

and yesterday

I gave it to a sweet young couple
patiently waiting 
for their precious baby girl to arrive.

I'm pretty sure they loved it,
because I was the only person to get a hug
after their gift was opened.

If a quilt doesn't induce tears,

a big hug is the next best thing ;-)

It turned out exactly like I pictured,
which tickles me tremendously,
because so often 
my quilts have a mind of their own...

I deleted the (apparently) only full picture I snapped of the quilt.  oops.
Kitties, because - of course! 3 blind mice - I knew they'd get a kick out of that. Glasses, just like Mama wears.
Text fabrics because Mama is a graphics designer. Arrows? um - yes! thrice.
and the lone blackwards block serves as reminder to Baby that she's one of a kind; it's okay to be different :-)

Meg. Ethan.
I can't wait to snuggle your little sweetie.
I love you all.


  1. Beautifully made! They love it and I know Baby will too

  2. Yummmyyy!! All that texture adds to the snuggle-factor, and I enjoyed learning how you personalized the quilt. Very thoughtful. ♡

  3. Wonderful! I love the moderness of the modernness of this cute baby quilt! Perfect fabrics, beautiful quilting - you definitely deserved that hug ;-)

  4. What a beautiful quilt - amazing how quickly you were able to finish it. Love all the colour and it sounds as though it will be much loved bu its recipients.

  5. Love this quilt - the colors are so yummy! You're machine binding looks fabulous. ;) Thanks for tip about glue basting, I will definitely be trying that!

  6. Yet another gorgeous quilt! I see so many of my favorite fabrics in here. I have no idea how you find the time to put together so many beautiful works for art <3


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