Friday, October 14, 2016

quilt show 2

It was quilt show time in Fort Smith again
and I've been looking forward to going for days.

My friend who is a member of the guild that puts on the show,
asked if I wanted to enter a quilt this year.
But it was only 2 days before the deadline,
and all of the quilts in house are  um  used,
so they aren't exactly 'show worthy',
so I told her no.

I would like to enter some time, though

Maybe in 2018.

It could happen...

Really liked the quilting on this one!!

The girls wanted to go with me,
and seeing that they are both quilters, 
I couldn't very well go alone, could I?

so.much. handwork - this was 1 of 10 embroidered blocks

The lady at the registration table practically insulted them
when I asked if they got to vote for 'viewer's choice' too;
she said they weren't really big enough to know anything.

(I asked Lexi what she felt/thought when the lady said that,
and she said, "I thought 'that lady doesn't read my mom's blog!'"
Lily said she thought, "Seriously?!")

I know it's silly,
but it certainly didn't get our time at the quilt show off to a nice start.
I felt like just taking my girls and going back home.
Way to encourage the next generation, Lady!

fabulous quilting on this one!

It wasn't long after that though,
 that we saw the gal that owns the Sewing Machine Center.

 I wasn't even going to say 'hi',
because I figured outside of the shop,
she wouldn't know me from Eve,
but as soon as she saw me, she smiled really big 
and said a friendly hello.
And then told the girls 
(my girls who know nothing. grr)
that they had panels for making doll clothes for $1

Such a small thing,
but I felt better afterwards,
and so did the girls.

It's nice to be validated...

We wound methodically through the quilts,
so we wouldn't miss any.
Sometimes one of the girls would point out one across the aisle,
and I'd say "We aren't looking there yet." 
And then,
darn it if they didn't have to use the line on me!

this was a fun one

We met a super sweet gal 
whose mom owns Lonesome Pine Quilts in Elkins.
She was super encouraging to the girls about their sewing,
and even gave them each a sew-er's bracelet.

That just made our day!!
(I didn't want to be the only sewist in the family without a bracelet,
so I bought one two, too :-)

I would've liked to have gone back
 and spent some more time looking at a few of the quilts,
but we were on a pretty tight time schedule.

There's always next time...

this quilt is not really my style,
but I actually picked it as my 'viewer's choice'
(and so did Lexi - she found a ballot on the floor, and I let her fill it in. ha!)

Besides the fact that this quilt begged to be touched, this is why I found the quilt so enjoyable.
The bird has so much personality! Here, I believe she is thanking the squirrel for the hat, 

Look at her bonnet!

spitting watermelon seeds while wearing a newspaper hat!! so cute!


  1. There is always so much to look at, comment over and think what a great idea at quilt shows.

  2. What a wonderful day out with your girls, and grr to a lady who thinks kids can't have opinions on beautiful quilts - I know what you mean about wanting to turn around and take them home but I'm glad that you didn't :)

  3. Ah, those quilts are all nice and everything, but the one you made for me would've won Viewer's Choice hands down!!!

    Not strongly opinionated at all...

    1. I love that your quilt is still your favorite!! :-)

  4. I just came back from a local quilt show too. So inspiring. I see you saw many beautiful pieces of artwork too.


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