Wednesday, October 19, 2016


My niece will be graduating with a Master's degree
next May.

I pretty much promised her a quilt
for the momentous occasion.
and I have been so eager to get started on it.

Now that I have finished all of my other sewing obligations,
I can do just that :-)

By 'get started' 
you understand 
that I mean with the actual sewing,
because I have already invested quite a few hours
and doing the maths
(oh, the maths!!)
and, of course, 
procuring fabrics.

when I did my fabric pull,
I thought maybe I'd gone a smidge overboard 
in the acquisition department,
but after making my first block,
I decided to change up my design a little,
and now I'm thinking I may need a few more.

Time will tell...

This one will be pretty epic
so I've broken it down into 'bite-sized' pieces
with (hopefully) easily attainable weekly goals.

I estimate it will take me 23 weeks,
so by starting now,
I can take 2 weeks off for Christmas
and be finished with it by the time birthday season starts in April,
a full 3 weeks before Jordan graduates :-)

You know what's really crazy??

We'll (Lord willing) be living in the new house
by the time I have a quilt top!!

this would be a whole lot easier if I'd pick fabrics with an all-over, non-linear design!!


  1. Love what you have so far! Pity you might need to acquire more fabric. ;-)

  2. Tracy, this is going to be stunning! And look at you with all those perfect points in your Swoon block -- well done!!

  3. I love the way you've planned this out and mostly know when it will be finished. Good luck - your niece is a lucky girl!


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