Saturday, October 8, 2016


Every year,
Mitch (Tyler's brother) invites Tyler (plus 1, sometimes 2)
to a Razorback game.

Usually, it's not a 'prime' game,
and usually,
the weather is either really hot,
or really cold.
(last year's game was the coldest AR football game on record, 
if I remember correctly. Jeremiah got to go to that one.)
or raining.

Today's game could very likely be the best game of the year;
we're playing the #1 team, Alabama,
and the weather is beautiful,
although it will get cold when the sun goes down.

It's Lily's turn to be the plus1 this year,
and never
has a little girl
(or anyone in our family!)
been so excited about going to a game!

She made clothes for Bunny.

And a sign,

and a felt razorback to glue on a bag.

The girl is ready!!!

this makes me happy,
because Lex' struggled a bit with her sister getting to go to the game.
Or rather that she wasn't going...

(Lily woke up yesterday morning
with the tummy bug that Jeremiah and Josiah had 
earlier in the week.
We were so hopeful that she'd be well enough today
 to get to go to the game.
When she got up this morning,
she said she felt 95% herself.

Even though I don't care one iota about football
- or the Razorbacks -
I care about my family,
and I am so thankful for Mitch's generosity
that allows my people
to do something they do care about.

Go Hogs

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