Monday, October 10, 2016

wild kaleidoscope

was my first project,
and used the full-size block version of the pattern.

When I tell you that I am FPP challenged,
I'm not sure you realize quite how bad the situation is.

I sewed so many fabrics wrong on this,
one would think I was in a sitcom!

I sat down at my machine,
after *just* telling a friend that I'd had to seam rip
 2 out of the 8 seams I'd sewn,
and darn it if I didn't mess up my 9th seam too!!

And on it went...

I sat at my machine laughing at myself,
 really - I'm hilariously pathetic when it comes to FPP.

I'm telling you - it's just all backwards for me.

I applied the binding to the back, then sewed it down on the front. By machine. With sparkly thread. Who am I??!

Tyler and Brandon asked what was wrong with the pattern
that I was having such troubles,
and I said, "Nothing!
It's a great pattern, 
Very clever.
And everything fits together just right,
I just have a major mental block when it comes to foundation paper piecing!"

And ya'll thought I was joking....

I eventually managed to get all of my components sewn,
and then sewn together into a block
(never mind that I sewed them together wrong.
I decided I very much liked it that way ;-)

I added a border
and turned my block into a 16 inch pillow cover
to go along with the quilt

thank again for the opportunity to test your awesome pattern.
I'm sorry I'm a blight in the world of FPP


  1. That sure is wild, works perfectly with the quilt though.

  2. I really like the quilting on this one! Such an unusual fabric combination that totally works! Thanks for testing my pattern, even if it did add a few grey hairs. So, does it make you feel any better that there is NO FPP in my next pattern ; ) (hee, hee)

  3. Ha! Oh, my...what an adventure you had. :-) I like your quilting choices, and especially like the line of hand stitching you added to marry all the parts. Perfect.

  4. Tracy you have me smiling at your attempts stories here. I have never tried FPP but can imagine it does require some mirror/reverse imaging and would take some getting use to.

  5. It looks great and your stitching is perfect!

  6. Hahaha! This has me dying, "I applied the binding to the back, then sewed it down on the front. By machine. With sparkly thread. Who am I??!" You're amazing is what you are!


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