Friday, September 23, 2016

Teddy's Quilt, by Lexi, age 7

You guys!

I can hardly stand it!!

Lexi made this (16 x 20) quilt - almost entirely by herself!

She started it quite a while ago -
when her only option was hand sewing,
of which she is not nearly as big of a fan 
as her sister and I am.

It often took days for her to sew 2 squares together;
she'd tire of it after taking just a few stitches.

Then, once they could use the machine,
she plumb wore herself out making gifts 
so she didn't do much sewing for awhile.

After a sufficient break,
every once in awhile,
the girls would pull out the machine 
and she'd do a little sewing
and eventually, 
she had rows
instead of pieces.

The last time they had the machine out, 
she'd sewed the first two rows together.

she pulled the quilt out again,
and decided she wanted to finish it.

In no time at all, 
she had the other rows sewn together.
(I had already glue basted them and drawn stitching lines for her)

She pressed all seams to one side,
and noticed how much nicer things looked
when she pressed again from the front,
after pressing the back.

I trimmed the quilt
then we basted it together
with Warm and White
and the perfect backing fabric
 (that took 20 minutes to find. grr)

She was set on free motion quilting,
even after I told her straight line would be much easier
and reminded her that she was just 7 years old!

 we talked about drawing out your quilting first,
and she practiced on several sheets of paper,
then told me she was ready to quilt on her practice sandwich.

After a half hour or so,
she was giving her brother FMQing lessons.

She practiced as much as she could,
and then switched threads
and went at it again,
'til she was satisfied she was ready for the real thing.

Thursday morning,
she woke up asking if she could sew.

Her bobbin ran out shortly after she started
(oops - Momma forgot to remind her to make sure you have a full bobbin)
so she got out the bobbin winder,
made a new one,
inserted it by herself,
and got back to quilting.

After she finished the quilting,
we measured the quilt and choose binding.

She thought 2 1/2 inches would be better than 2 1/4,
to give her more room,
since it was her first time,
so that's what I cut.

I taught her how (and why) to make a miter join

then she trimmed her join,
pressed it,
then pressed the binding in half.

I showed her how we leave a little section unsewn,
then we glue basted the binding up to one corner
and she sewed that down

then I showed her how to miter the corner

and she glue basted, then sewed
the next side.

And y'all, here is where she really blew me away;
She attached the rest of the binding by her self.

Mitering the corners and everything!!

Her corners are indistinguishable from mine!

Then she pressed the binding away from the front,
and I helped her press and glue baste it to the back.

I did one side and the first corner,
showing her.
We worked together on the second two,
me folding, her pressing 
then glueing and pressing again,

and then she did the last side and corner
without a lick of help.

I told her she could use a zig zag stitch,
and it would be more likely to catch all of the binding
or she could 
very slowly,
do a straight stitch right next to the binding.

She thought a straight stitch would look nicer 
(that's my girl)
so she proceeded to sew on the binding
by machine
with a straight stitch

Something her Momma has only done a couple of times
in 7 years of quilting!

She missed a few spots,
of course,
and I pinned them so she could re-stitch where necessary.
There was one spot that was only about 3/8 of an inch,
and I told her that it was probably okay to leave it,
but no,
she wanted to fix that too.

And just like that - her quilt was finished.

Needless to say, she is quite pleased with herself
and plans on keeping Teddy's quilt forever.

I am so, so proud of my diligent learner!

linking up with Amanda Jean,
and entering this quilt in the mini quilt category

(Lexi said that when she grows up,
she wants to be a sew-er

I told her she needed to find her own passions,
but that she could share mine
until hers are revealed :-)

Lex' ~ Momma loves you so much!
And I love your heart.
I am so proud of you 
and admire your dedication to excellence
(where it relates to sewing ;-) 
Now, if we could work on the picking up...)


  1. That is the most impressive quilt and story I've ever seen!! She's a prodigy! And she picked perfect colors and placement of them :)


  2. Way to go! You did a great job Lexi! I love the aqua and red combo too. Looks like Teddy is very pleased with his new quilt. Keep up the good work and you'll be making full size quilts before you know it!!

  3. That is a story that brings tears. A good gramma is so patient and takes suggestions. Keep up the good work.

    1. Lol. She is a great Mother to Lexi for sure!!!! She definitely taught her nourished her beyond what any mother could wish!!

  4. Awesome. It's beautiful! It's so wonderful that you guys have something you can bond while doing it.

  5. Way to go, Lexi!!! That is so wonderful that she is joining in on your love for quilting :)

  6. Yayyyy Lexi!!! No wonder your Momma is so proud fo did a wonderful job. Teddy looks very cozy and happy, too. :-)

  7. Oh well done Lexi, that's some serious determination and a lot of talent- it's a beautiful quilt, if only my squares had lined up so nicely on my first quilt!

  8. Wow, what talent for such a young lady! Well done Lexi (and Mom). I can see beautiful quilts coming from her in the future!

  9. An awesome quilt, I have never tried machine sewing binding or FMQ - so well done to her.

  10. yay, Lexi!! All your seams match, way to go girl! Great job on the binding too. I hope you keep your joy of sewing. Not only are you learning but able to teach your brother what you have learned, good for you.

  11. Great job Lexi, well done, Teddy must love it.

  12. What a sweet story. Good going Lexi!!

  13. This is so great! She looks like she's enjoying it!

  14. Absolutely wonderful project. I like her determination and stick to it attitude. Maybe her passion will always be shared with you.


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