Wednesday, September 14, 2016

dinosaurs and a dinged up dreamy cabinet

We've finally found someone to do the siding.
It's going to cost $1200 more than it should,
but that's still several thousand less 
than the other bids we've received.

I guess we just have to find somewhere to save $1200.

It can happen.

We went to look at siding samples yesterday,
and since we were already halfway there,
and the boys had been reminiscing 
about the fun they had when Grandpa Bill 
took them on a treasure hunt there,
 we went to the dinosaur park in Mountainburg.

It's just a small park,
and I was afraid it might not live up to their memories of it,

but they all had a great time.

We passed a shop that had an awesome looking cabinet out front
so we stopped on our way home to get a closer look.

Turns out is was a letterpress cabinet
(though unlike any I've seen in photos...)

It was dreamy.

The girls and I were squealing with delight at all the compartments
and scheming about what we could put in them.

When I found out how much it cost
$500 (!) 
all scheming ended
and we had to be satisfied with a few pictures.

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  1. My son would have loved that dinosaur park. What an awesome cabinet, it would be only a dream for me too. Such a pity we need money for things!


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