Thursday, September 8, 2016

on a Thursday

We had four dentist appointments this morning.
No cavities - so, yay!
but Lily and Lexi both need to have 2 more teeth 'wiggled out'
thanks to serious overcrowding.

After the dentist
they requested Lin's Garden for lunch,
and at first
I wasn't going to take them.
It's kinda pricey.
But the reality was,
we were going to eat out somewhere,
so I figured I may as well treat them to the place they asked for.

I was sure to remind them 
as we got out of the car
that they are quite spoiled.
And they reminded me that there was still plenty of room
for more spoiling
before they were truly rotten.

After that, we went grocery shopping.
With full bellies.
Aldi, then Sams.

I know it's awful thing for a homeschool mom to say,
but I'm just going to say it.
I greatly dislike grocery shopping with a bunch of kids.

It's not that they're bad.
Or that they ask for things
(although - my kids don't exactly ask for things,
they just point them out.
"Oh, look, they have spicy onion ring things."
"Oh look, they have  ________________"
Momma - That looks really good!
It's not that they run off.
Or bang me with the cart.

We just physically take up so. much. space.

I feel like we are a spectacle,
even when everybody is perfectly behaved.

We are this large mass moving through the store.
And it's exhausting.

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