Friday, September 9, 2016

soft and subtle, by hand

After the basting debacle,
the quilt had to sit in time out for a bit
while I cooled off.

(Literally! That was a hot mess.)

Still undecided as to what the machine quilting should be,
I got started on the hand quilting Friday,
when the guys ran to buy a belt sander.

Every chance I got for the past week,
or washing things,
or feeding people,
or schooling them
(though, sometimes even then...)
I hand quilted.

ordinarily, I'd prefer my hand stitching to holler 'helloooo' but this quilt asked for a more subtle approach.
I generally listen when my quilts talk, so quiet and subtle it was, with golden mustard Gitermann silk thread.

All those snippets here and there 
added up
to almost 20 hours
and just a few minutes ago,
I finished the hand-quilting :-)

The back is nice (said in a Jamaican accent ala Cool Runnings :-)

I *think* I've figured out my machine quilting,
though I need more practice.

And I still need to figure out the thread...

My deadline is rapidly approaching,
so I'm glad to have this portion crossed off the list.

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