Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday miscellanies

We went to the dairy today.
And of course stopped at the park,
to play.

The two hour drive home is always 
so much longer than the two hour drive 
to Claremore.


I can't keep up.

Last Wednesday,
we had eight loads 
stacked in three piles in the living room.
(they'd been accumulating for  a few days,
a few being folded,
more being stacked...)

I finally said enough was enough.

By day's end, I'd folded ten loads.

And Friday,
when kids cleaned their rooms,
they had filled the laundry hampers past overflowing.

I might have had a little fit.


Friday night was Taco Night with some friends.

The noise level was considerably louder
without the use of any electronic devices.


I decided what I wanted to do,
and finished the machine quilting on my current project.

But I'm thinking maybe I'm not finished after all;
there is some pooffiness 
(not to be confused with puffiness...) 
that bothers me.


Sunday afternoons,
the kids (well, probably mostly - the girls)
leave their Bibles
and papers from Sunday school
 -and perhaps a sweater or shoes -
in the living room as they walk through.

More than once,
Momma has called out,
"I do not want to see
 any evidence that we've been to church 
in this house!"


Brandon got word this week
that he got another scholarship!
(we'd long ago given up hope for it)

we'd purchased all of his books using the credit card
(because there was no scholarship money to cover them;
so why would the school even let us charge them??)
so we lost the money for that this semester,
but next semester,
all tuition and books will be paid for.


We had a friend over Sunday afternoon.

Of course, 
her visit included a house tour.

She was excited for us,
and when I told her that sometimes, 
I am almost embarrassed by how big it's going to be,
she said, 
"Oh, I don't think it's too big at all!
I think it suits your family perfectly,
and fits the size of your hearts.

It blessed me so much.


Speaking of the house, 
we didn't accomplish everything we wanted to this weekend,
somewhere this week,
we need to get caught up.

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