Thursday, September 15, 2016

a revelation

Tyler has tried for years to help me understand this,
but I never really did,
until just now.


I had just the right color thread on hand,
but I only had 3 prewound bobbins of it.

I used  my little roller ruler thing 
and 'walked out' my quilting for a small section,
then multiplied
to end up with a guestimate of how much thread I'd use per row.

I added some yardage, 
and multiplied it by how many rows I had to quilt,
giving me
what I thought was
a pretty good approximation
of how much bobbin thread I would need.

By my calculations,
the 360 yards I had would be enough.

Except that,
it's not.

I sent my 2 local sewing friends an SOS,
but neither of them had any.

And we no longer have a Hancock....

And I'm on a deadline.
(Plus - I'm on a roll... ;-)

So I took another long shot,and texted Bill,
asking if, by chance, he had any time off today,
and he texted back "what do you need?"
and told me he was off until noon.

I called and asked if he would go to JoAnn's and buy thread,
and then mail it to me.

I just don't know that there are many step-dads
that you could ask to do that.

In just over a half hour,
he sent a text telling me not to open my package 
around the kids,
'cause he'd included a treat for me.

I told him he was my hero,
and he replied that his superpowers were recharged
by his love for family.

And I finally got it.
What Tyler has been trying to teach me.

People like to be the hero.
And it's good to give them the chance.

Thanks, Bill!! Thanks a heap!
I love you.


  1. Always good to have a hero in the family, especially one who sends treats just for you.


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