Monday, September 12, 2016

the back porch has a ceiling

GrouchButts Install the Back Porch Ceiling,
because that really would be more accurate.

Neither Tyler or I were feeling great,
and when we headed out to work Saturday morning,
things went from bad to worse.


This picture is a few months old - there is a door on the left where the tyvek is torn, and, of course, an actual porch.

We'd decided that our back porch
really needed a painted ceiling.
With the way it's sort of boxed in on the sides,
we thought a light-colored ceiling would reflect more light
and allow more natural light into the house.
(yada yada yada)
we were a little concerned 
that our living room
might be darker than we preferred
if we went with the cedar in its natural state,
and there was no way on earth 
we were going to go to all that work,
only to paint it.

the guy we're working with at Yeagers (lumber company / hardware store)
suggested car siding.
It's a tongue and grooved finished product made of pine
that has a V groove down the center of the board,
and two half Vs on the outside.
when the boards are installed,
they look kinda like beadboard, 
only more substantial.

We figured we'd like that look,
we decided to go with it.

It'd cost 25% more than what our front porch cost,
(and it's half the size)
but zero prep work was required,
and let's be honest,
that was appealing at this stage of the game.

The car siding (that was supposed to arrive Tuesday...)
got delivered just a few hours before dark
Friday night.

Neither Tyler or I went out to look at it.


We went out Saturday,
not feeling 100%,
but eager to get this job
marked off the list.

I took one look at that pile of boards,

There was not a pile of pristine boards on my back porch;
there was a pile of crap.

I was expecting a top grade 'finish' product.
What we got
was crooked and banged up,
had chunks missing,
cracks running through it,
and some were covered in mildew spots.

Brandon said, "Yeah.
Donnie (delivery guy) said we'd have to have Bobby replace some it."


I was really ticked.

For the most part, we've been really pleased with Yeagers
and Bobby.
I feel like they're taking pretty good care of us,
and they are as appreciative of our business
as we are of their discounts and deliveries.

And to be fair,
if I were feeling great,
I'd probably have been pretty irritated,
but not thoroughly pissed. off.
Sick or not, though,
I just don't understand sending out a product
that you know 
is not acceptable.

And here's the thing:
there was no time for replacing.
We really wanted to get the back porch ceiling done Saturday.
so it was either use the crap boards,
or don't do the porch.

We used the boards.
(obviously ;-)

We had kids scrub the mildew
and we cut creatively
where we could.
We'll fill the cracks and gouges with putty or some such product
and we'll prime the ceiling
and then we'll paint it,
and in the end,
it will be just fine.
Pretty, even.

But it was not a happy process.

from the living room

But - hey, look;
we have a back porch ceiling.

from the dining room doorway

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  1. Ugh, how frustrating. So glad that it will look good in the end. Isn't it crazy how we learn through the hard and the stressful just as much or more than the fun and easy.


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