Tuesday, March 21, 2017

exciting news!

I have been staying quite busy lately.
I have a few things to blog about,
but whenever I've had the time to sit and type something up,
I've chosen to spend it sewing.

But -
I had to pop in here real quick
with Brandon's exciting news.

He was notified yesterday
that he was selected
as the Mechanical Engineering Freshman of the Year!!

I am so very happy for him!
He has been so disciplined
and diligent and dedicated
and I'm thrilled that he is being recognized for it!

Truth be told, 
I'm also a bit tickled
as y'all know,
he wasn't awarded the Engineering scholarship,
and he really should have been,
so it feels rather validating.
And it's highly likely
that the jerk gentleman 
who turned him down for the scholarship,
will be the one honoring him at the awards ceremony,
and I am just human enough
to take great pleasure in the idea of him eating crow.

But mostly,
I am super super proud of my boy!!


  1. Awesome, well done to Brandon, and you must be a very proud Mom!!

  2. Woohoo! So happy this happened for Brandon. (and you!) (and Mr. crow eating je-ntleman - that it may be a lesson for him so future students will not suffer the same unfair judgement.) Good news, all round!


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