Tuesday, March 7, 2017

tidbits on a Tuesday

I'm getting close to finishing Jordan's quilt.
The quilt I've been working on since October...

I was sewing merrily along tonight,
and bam!
I ran out of thread.
Not bobbin thread, mind you;
my whole entire 1,000 meter thread spool.


This is especially maddening,
because Brandon has 242 on Tuesday nights,
and gets home 11ish.

Tyler usually uses the opportunity to head to bed early,
while I usually use it
to stay up late
so I can visit with him after he gets home.

Needless to say,
I won't be sewing while I'm waiting up for him



(I'm having a hard time letting that go)


I put out an SOS on FB,
asking for some tried and true ideas
 on what to do with leftover dark meat.

I usually roast 2 hens a couple of times a month.
One gets eaten for dinner and a lunch for Tyler and Brandon,
and the other one is usually made into chicken salad (the white meat)
and soup (the dark meat).

The problem with this is,
Lily does not like soup.

She never complains; she just barely eats.
She'll thank me.
and say it was pretty good,
and that she wasn't very hungry.
But really - she just doesn't like soup.
and most especially,
she doesn't like chicken in soup.

I got several suggestions on my FB request.
what I failed to add,
which you all know,
we don't eat breads and pasta as a rule.
Which is what most of the suggested meals included.
not counting things that have, say, velveeta,
or spaghetti noodles,
or bread or toast,
what do y'all like to do with your leftover dark meat??


The girls worked a bit on their quilt blocks today.
They are really making me want to make a Little House quilt, too!

Or maybe it's just that I want to piece something
instead of quilt it...

(I've not been thrilled with my quilting...)


Brandon made a catapult recently for his engineering class.
They could only use PVC and glue.

He's pretty practiced in making things out of PVC,
so it was just a matter of figuring out the best design.

He'd work on it (and leave it) out in the house, 
since all the tools are out there.

Our HVAC guy told us he'd look at these creations,
and wonder what the heck kind of plumbing we were doing.

Brandon's catapult tied with another for first place,
blowing the previous record by 50 ft!!

He didn't get to hold the record for long, though,
because  a student in the next class
totally blew his record out of the water.


My elbow is ever so slowly improving.
I can hold my coffee cup and drink from it with my left hand.

For the most part, I still have to 'T-Rex' it, though,
and keep my elbow pretty close to my body.

I admit I'm getting rather impatient for total recovery;
I really need my strength 
and full range of motion
for working on the house!
I have been a total slacker in that department,
but now that it's not freezing out there,
I need to get back at it!

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