Thursday, March 29, 2018

big things are happening

It's been kind of a big week here,
with plenty more goodness
(3 birthday parties, a wedding, and of course, Easter!)
still to come in the next few days.

I've been so bad about documenting life , 
that I figured I better pop in and record these 2 3 biggies
lest they fall off my radar
and never end up on the blog.

The biggest bit of news 
is that
Brandon started an engineering internship 

He is going to continue working 
his tutoring job at the University
through the end of next week,
so his days will be extra extra full.

The other item of great impotance
Lexi got to meet quilting guru
Angela Walters!

Angela does The Midnight Quilt Show,
which Lexi just loves.
She's always asking me if there are any new episodes
(incidentally - there is a new one right now
that we haven't had time to watch yet)
and peppers quilting conversations with
'Angela says this or AngelaWalters 
(she says it as if it's one word)
says that'-
and knows Angela's go to quilting thread color.

So, when I learned that Angela Walters
was coming to town,
I figured I best take the girl to see her.

See her, indeed!
Angela was sooo sweet to Lexi. 
talking with her,
encouraging her,
and oohing and aahing over her quilt 
and bag that she made for the occasion
(that she also shared Show and Tell style
in front of a room of over 100 quilters!)

Angela even let her help unpack 
and re-pack her quilts
and Lex' loved being able to see
up close
some of the quilts she's watched Angela make
on the Midnight Quilt Show.

It was a special evening
and I got about a dozen "Thanks, Mom"s

Oh, and another big bit o' news!!
Brandon just (literally - just a minute ago!)
received notification that he has
been named
the Mechanical Engineering Sophomore of the Year.

Awesome, Bud!!
We are so proud of your diligence and persistence!


  1. Congratulations to Brandon, on both counts! Wow! You must be one proud parent. :-)

    My goodness, Lexi looks so delighted in your pictures. What a special field trip. ♡

  2. thank-you for celebrating with us :-) Yeah ~ I'm pretty proud! He works so hard; it's nice to see that rewarded. (we're hoping it results in a scholarship, since he's losing his current scholarship because once he is a Junior, he isn't technically a UAFS student; he's a UA student (which costs waaaaay more than UAFS)

  3. So much fun, and so special, for Lexi! And congratulations to Brandon and to you! That is so wonderful!


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