Sunday, March 25, 2018

let's get organized, organized, I want to get organized

(you sang that, right?!)


Right about the time we started moving 
over to the new house,
Tyler said,
"Now you get to focus on your second hobby!"

"Second hobby?" I asked.



I hadn't really considered organization a hobby,
I don't necessarily enjoy  the process,
but I do like things organized...

Because I also like things even
and I knew I wanted a stack of drawers,
I designed 3 32 inch 'sections'
in the 8 ft run of cabinets along the wall in the kitchen.
Which meant I ended up with rather large drawers.

Standard purchased drawer organizers
were out of the question.
They'd be pricey for one thing,
but also too small.
Plus - 
(and perhaps even more important)
what is with drawer organizers being 1 1/2 - 2 inches tall??

What about the other 1 1/2 - 2 inches??
What a waste!

So Tyler and I headed to Lowe's
to figure out what we could use to make our own.

After spending a rather ridiculous amount of time
looking at various options
that didn't seem right,
but almost settling on some of them,
Tyler leaned over into my face
and with Italian hands
"What do you want?"

What I really wanted was dimensional lumber,
not plywood
(though I was okay with it
 if that was the most affordable option)
but the thinnest dimensional lumber
was nicer than we needed,
still 1/2 inch thick,
and cost more than I wanted to spend.

We considered buying 1x4s and planing them
to about 3/8 of an inch
but that seemed awfully wasteful.
And it was still a more expensive option
than I was wanting.

We were about to just get plywood,
when we split up 
and walked around the lumber area one more time.

I remembered reading about using cheap boards for planking a ceiling
on a remodeling blog a few years ago,
and thought I'd try to find that stuff.

I did find it
(or something like it)
and wouldn't you know it,
(once we ran them through the table saw
and cut off the tongue and groove portions)
they'd be the perfect height,
and they were already 1/3 of an inch thick.

Even better,
there were six 8 ft boards in a package
for $10.97!

I put a piece of kraft paper in what was to be 
the silverware drawer
and marked where(ish)
I wanted the dividers to go.

Over the course of a few evenings,
pieces of my new organization system
just showed up in the drawer
(thanks, Love)
and Friday night, it was finished!!

Isn't it fabulous?!

We only used 1/2 a pack,
so (not including labor 😉)
this custom drawer organizer only cost $5.50.

Everything can stay neat and tidy,
and no losing the top 2 inches of the drawer.

Now all I need to do,
is move the paper to another drawer,
and draw new markings.... ;-)

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