Wednesday, March 21, 2018

the heart of the home

Friday the 9th was a big day,
and the day that followed
was pretty much a game-changer
for life as we know it.

The 9th,
was Countertop Day!

Drop in the Sink Day.

And that all went so great,
it quickly turned into
 Add the Exhaust Vent Day.

Hook up the Stove 

After that,
there was no stopping my man.

he added the faucet,

sink plumbing,
and installed the dishwasher.

we had a working kitchen!
We didn't have to cook and eat in the old house
any more!!!

We went out to eat to celebrate 

The kids and I keep sorting through and bringing things over
and I hurry up take forever
to find *just* the right spot
for everything.

As the cabinets filled up,
 knobs and pulls
rose to the top of the to-do list,
so we tackled that a few days ago.

Slowly but surely,
things are getting done,
and this place is becoming more and more


  1. Wow! A functional, beautiful kitchen!!! Did you get the countertops 100% sealed? (I hope one more coat did the trick.) What a thrill it must be to stand back and admire the result of your (the collective your!) hard work.

    1. thank-you!!! :-)
      I haven't tried yet : / so I'm still playing countertop nazi for the time being. I'm almost considering just leaving them as is.... I still have quite a few things without a home just yet, so it's quite cluttered currently.

  2. I love the layout and the colors you picked! I can absolutely see lots of big family meals being cooked in here. It must feel great to have the kitchen done, congrats!!

    1. Thanks, Jen :-) When the stove and sink were ready to use - a huge weight rolled right off my shoulders. whew! :-)

  3. When I sit in the library parking lot to access internet on my laptop in my car :), I open new posts from my reader and leave them open so I can read them at home. I meant to come back to tell you that your kitchen is SO GORGEOUS! Wow. So tasteful and pretty and happy. Yay for you! Your whole house takes my breath away. I'm just so happy for you, Tracy. <3

    1. Oh thank you, Susan!! You know - if you are even in the south, you are *so* welcome to visit!!!

    2. Oh, you know I would! Same back to you, Tracy. If you ever get lost and find yourself on the Oregon coast, come on by! I do really love everything you are doing with your house. I love your taste!


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