Sunday, January 27, 2019

well - that sucks!

I consider myself to be fairly low-maintenance
as women go.

I'm not terribly needy...

Or even wanty,
as a general rule.

And as we've made house building decisions
I've tried to make mostly modest choices
in keeping with the 
'Simply Gracious. Graciously Simple'
theme that we chose.

I reeally wanted a central vac.

I didn't push and beg;
I just made my wishes known
and left it up to Tyler to decide.

He decided he really didn't want to
bother with one. more. thing.

But then,
he decided that
I really don't ask for much,
and it wouldn't be terribly expensive,
or too much work...
So one day,
waay back before the drywall went in,
he asked me to come out to the house and help him with something.

He unwound the hundred foot tape measure
to 30 feet
and had me hold it in the coat closet,
then he took the other end
and went all through the house
making vacuuming motions
(testing what size hose we'd need
 and where all we'd need outlets)
until I finally realized I was getting my vacuum after all!!

He and (I think) Josiah ran most of the pipe,
and that was that for awhile.

A few weeks ago,
he ordered the vacuum,
and installed it over the course of a weekend.
(He's been soo busy,
I honestly expected it to sit in the box for a few months
before he'd get to it)

And now,
I have a simply gracious central vac.
And I love it so much!

As added bonus,
it's Canadian made,
so I get a nice little reminder of my dear friend
(also Canadian 😊)
every time I use it.

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  1. This is the best! Yay! And everything and everyone is adorable, too!


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