Friday, August 14, 2009

7 quick takes - again


I'm liking this 7 quick takes thing;
it gives me a chance to catch up on old news
that I haven't managed to record
without it being
- well -
old news
I am developing a fondness for lavender oil.
Still don't like the smell
at all
but it is proving to be an essential
(haha - get it - essential - I crack myself up)
an essential part of my 'medicine cabinet'
Lexi isn't a big pooper
as in
she doesn't poop often.
I worried when Jeremiah went through this stage
worried still, but less, when Josiah did
by the time Lily was there
I was okay with the whole go a kazillion days between going
and now it's Lexi's turn.
A consequence of that, though, is
the girl poops off schedule
and I don't find it for awhile
and her poor little bum gets quite sore.
Lavender oil to the rescue!
I put a few drops in a sinkful of water
and plopped her (gently) in
for about 3 minutes.
I left her diaperless and in less than 30 minutes
she didn't even have a hint of a rash.
It's also great for putting on 'squito bites
(that's a fancy word for 'you don't have to dilute it with a carrier oil'
like you do most essential oils)
It works well with tea tree oil
as a poison ivy rash treatment, too.
Lily sings the Winnie the Pooh song
instead of 'silly willy nilly old bear'
she sings
"Silly, silly, silly old dear"
I love it!
Poor Lexi's gums are really bugging her;
she's just miserable
and she's bringin' us all down
We went to Mazzios Tuesday
to celebrate Luke & Lana moving into their house.
There weren't many people there
so we just let the kids roam around
while we talked.
Even though I was feeling lousy,
it was the most relaxed I've been in a long time;
it was nice.
We also had friends over earlier Tuesday
which was great fun.
It wasn't until after they'd left that I realized we had
14 kids here
Them's some good kids!!!
is when one of my children has a baby
usually a fussy one, but not always,
and they stay
in very close proximity to me
hoping that I will take said baby from them sooner
rather than later.
right now.


  1. Oh, the last one made me laugh!

    I'm too tired to write more.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Morning!

    Your brother said "In French it's voltour - two words meaning to fly and around."

    Yep, that's what the little buzzards do!

    Right now, I'm just tired of hearing the shrill "Mommy!"

  3. When my last kid was born I'd nurse her for forever and the other two girls (I'm sure sibling jealousy was involved) would sit on the arms of the recliner. I'm well overweight so the four of us on one cheap lazyboy was pretty crowded. I always called them the vampire and the vultures . . .
    Love the tie dye adventure to the department store, btw.


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