Saturday, August 1, 2009

trying to make the best of another long day

They are working like madmen on the Hardie House;
Lana and Luke will be moving in
a week from today
or not.
back at the ranch

I started the day off with the breakfast of champions
and the kids had smoothie pops and leftover oatmeal.
Then it was on to movies and legos
and baths - one at a time
so the floor wouldn't get soaked.

a bit of painting

For lunch - a picnic - indoors
made so much nicer with Latvian 'lunch sacks'

a hummingbird joined us

and then
a butterfly, too

butterflies like smashed pooh.

Of course
no meal is complete without a spill

Lexi had the usual - milk - straight up.
She didn't spill.

After lunch
more creating

that would be gum
she's being creative with it
so it's all good.
I'm hoping for an hour or even two
of everyone napping.

so far that's not going real well for me.....
and now
we're at the halfway point of this l o n g day.
I imagine the second half will have more of the same.
And we're looking forward to having everyone
on a Saturday again
Whatever will we do?!


  1. Glad to see you are making good use of your Latvian articles. Love the snack bag idea. :-)

    Whew! We made it home. Oh, such bliss to sit and eat at our own table again. Samuel stayed awake most of the trip and then fell asleep while taxiing up to the Riga airport. He knew he could rest - we were home.

    Thanks again for sharing so much with us while we were there.
    Love you all!!

  2. Hey Aunt Kay - glad you got safely back home :D
    it was great to see you all!


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