Friday, August 7, 2009

7 (more) quick takes


We’ve been 'unplugged' for the week
and it’s been nice.
I was a bit surprised to find
that I still didn’t have time to get everything done
I needed to get done.
It’s been especially good for Jeremiah.
I know this about him; I just tend to forget.
He has a much greater desire to help out
when he isn’t under the influence
of electronics - at all.
The other night,
I told the kids I was going to feed Lexi,
then I had to get carrots and potatoes peeled for dinner
and he said, "I’ll peel the carrots, Momma."
And he did - the whole 2 # bag - without a single complaint.
he did a fantastic job!
On top of that
the boy who doesn’t like cooked carrots
ate 2
because they were the best carrots ever.
Still need to work on that pride….


Modeling clay.
The kids have spent hours playing with modeling clay this week.
Best $1 I’ve spent in a long time!

Poor Tyler isn’t feeling too swift.
I loaded up the kids while Lexi was napping
and took him some garlic pills.
I think he was a little bit disappointed.
Usually when I surprise him at work
I bring a treat
not a handful of garlic pills.
But it seemed a little counter-productive to bring him a candy bar, too.

Finally got some sewing in Saturday evening.
The dresses were inspired by Charity
who was inspired by Chris who also inspired Dana....
All those ruffles took a surprisingly long time.
I probably spent 2 ½ - 3 hours per dress.
I’m ok with them
but I was hoping to be thrilled with them.
In retrospect
I should have gone with a skirt
and used a solid fabric.
ah well


I found out last week
that Jeremiah thought he would be going to kindergarten.
He asked me something about napping and school
to which I replied something along the lines of,
“Yes, you’ll still nap when you’re in Kindergarten.”
To which he replied, “That’ll be a little weird.”
“How’s that?” I wondered.
“Well,” he said, “I’ll be taking a nap with strangers.”
Yeah - that is pretty weird, Bud.
Just one more benefit of home schooling...

The boys have also spent lots of time playing in the pammicans
that Tony & Brandon made.

Don’t ask about the name; I haven’t a clue.

I actually heard part of sermon two weeks ago.
rolling around in my head the past 2 weeks:
Extreme poverty
Overwhelming joy
All Jesus did - was serve
(this wasn’t from the sermon; but a reminder from Tyler
when I was complaining about something.
And darn-it, I hear it in my head all the time;
'specially when I’m trying to feel sorry for myself.
Nothing spoils a pity party faster.)

for more Seven Quick Takes, see Jen
Oh, I could just eat her up!
She is so scrumptious!!
And she has a new word.
6 months. 2 words.
genius, I tell ya


  1. I almost wikipedia'd pammicans. They look really fun.
    Found you via quick takes, nice list!

  2. just those two words? If I were there, I'd have her whipped into shaped - she'd have been saying "Lana" and 'bubba' (esp when referring to yours truly) ages ago :D

    I like the fabric.
    Who made the clay figure? it's good :D

  3. Marie ~ I hadn't thought to do that. wonder if there IS such a word??

    recognize the fabric?? it was supposed to be aprons.....

    'Morph' was made by Brandon - the little boys took pictures, too - but they left the flash on, so I had to delete the pictures :-(

  4. I *thought* that was apron fabric.

    I googled 'pammicans' :D and I discovered that 'pemmican; is sometimes misspelled with an a - Pemmican is: dried meat pounded into a powder and mixed with hot fat and dried fruits or berries, pressed into a loaf or into small cakes, originally prepared by North American Indians.

    doesn't sound that appetizing. I'll take beef jerkey and eat my fruit seperately :D

    wonder if these particular indians slept in hammocks? :D
    (the word 'hammock' comes from the spanish 'hamaca' which is derived from a word that in the taino language means 'fishnet')

    Some ppl say an athenian (greek dude) invented hammocks, but others say that it was invented in the Amazon basin in south america.

    'Westerners' learned about hammocks from Christopher columbus who got some from an island in the bahamas (India, the land was not - they were the bahamas, and it was HOT!)

    did you know that hammocks were used in sailing ships and warships?

    so what makes a pammican a pammican? (and whose word was that?)

  5. yes, I know the word pemmican....

    Jeremiah's word - I tied to tell him they were hammocks, but he didn't buy it.
    maybe Ton' told them the Spanish?? pammican - hamaca

  6. The dresses are sweet. I've got to click away before my kids see the pammicans or they'll be begging for some of their own. :)

    Here from 7 quick takes.