Saturday, August 15, 2009

and now - the results

A lot of the color washed out of the shirts
but still
we thought they turned out great.
(before we washed them, they looked awesome!!)
We ran to Penny's to pick up a few sale items.
(can you believe it ~ Penny's was having a sale - how unusual....)
Of course
everyone had to wear their new shirts.
Tyler looked around the car and chuckled.
"I was just thinking - Vern Yip would say
it looked like a rainbow threw up in our car."
I think we made less of a spectacle than we usually do
when we go shopping;
people were looking at all of us in tie-dye
instead of just looking at all of us.
a fun project that we'll definitely do again
(but probably not with Tulip dye!)
why have my pictures looked so fuzzy lately?
they don't look like that on the camera or computer
just on the blog.


  1. they look great!
    for some info check out
    and for dyes, check out
    I have been told the fiber reactive dyes are the brightest, less fading but I do not know much about it.........and always, wash the shirts first!
    but I think yours look pretty darn good! bet that was a fun mess!xoxo

  2. those look really good! I don't think I've seen homemade ones that look so nice before. Lexi's especially is cute :D


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