Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"I was thinking about stealing you away for a few hours,"
he said.
"Don't think; do"
is what I was thinking.
I've been stressed and frazzled
pretty much all summer.
First the trip
(stayed home)
then all the fixing up at the Hardie House
(home, again)
And now, summer is pretty much over.
Having taken Eph 4:29
(and other similar scriptures)
to heart,
I try not to complain much.
I really do.
But sometimes my flesh gets the better of me.
Tyler has to hear it....
he picked a bad time to call to check on me.
I'm still trying to figure out curriculum
the house is a wreck
yada, yada, yada
and so
he stole me away.
Lily went, too
'cause she's just so darn cute
and when she saw Daddy was fixing to go somewhere
she announced she was going with him,
I just didn't have the heart to tell her any different.
I still don't have school all figured out
and the house will always be a wreck, I fear
but I feel a little bit better about it all,
having been stolen away for a few hours....

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