Thursday, August 13, 2009

the dam swing

Labor Day weekend
four years ago
smack dab in the middle of working so hard
to get this house livable
Tyler and the kids camped out on the property
and made a swing.
Usually referred to as The Big Swing;
also called
- by the little boys who don't know any better -
The Dam Swing.
I suggested that they use the other name.
"But, it is on the dam...."
whatever you call it
it is a big swing
and it's a huge hit when we have guests.
Mostly with kids and dads
but I know a mom or two who've shocked their kids
by hoppin' on.
don't especially enjoy
being that far off the ground
held up
by only a rope
and a tiny piece of wood

Look, Mom, only one hand!
(and still, I didn't yell, "Be careful!")

Josiah pulled himself up
and stood

Even Lily gets in on the action.
I thought I was going to throw up
the first time I watched her go.
Makes me nervous just to look at this picture!
thanks for balancing out
the slave driver.
I love you

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