Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aunt Terri came to play

The kids were so thrilled to have Aunt Terri come today
with the express purpose
of playing
and creating with them.
She brought paints, brushes
and a great step-by-step
how- to-draw

When they got tired of painting they drug her out to the swing.
She watched.
And got eaten alive by mosquitoes.
(and me - all out of lavender oil. sorry 'bout that!)

Then they collected pokey balls from the sweet gum tree
and she taught them how to make spiders
with the balls and some pipe cleaners.
They only made one each;
'cause the spiders were way too much fun to play with
to mess with making more.
After that
she pulled out the clay.
Of course
she whipped out cute creatures in a matter of seconds.
She is so talented!

An hour or so later
we had her make a Mii
and she went Wii bowling with Jeremiah, Josiah, and Brandon.

A fun, fun day
Aunt Terri
came to play

Thanks for giving up your day for us, Ter!


  1. that sounds like fun, what a super aunt! Can't wait until next time we come over and see some of the kids' creations :D

  2. well, I am pretty sure I had even more fun than they did! My neices and nephews are just the best and they are all so darn smart and CUTE! love you all bunches!


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