Saturday, October 24, 2009

how's that?

The kids and I were shopping and wanted a little snack
for on the way home.
I grabbed some sugar wafers.
You can't choke on a sugar wafer
and I figured
in a pinch, Josiah could give Lexi a tiny bite.
Horrible, I know.
As we were leaving
I decided to check the icecream aisle,
see if something better grabbed me.

Now, these were a buck sixty-eight
more than the cookies,
but I figured
they are actually good for us
so put the sugar-laden treats back
and congratulated myself on my wise decision.
It wasn't until after I got home
and we'd already eaten some
that I thought to look at the label.
I wasn't expecting what I found
These all-natural pure fruit bars
are loaded with
and corn syrup!

Excuse me - how exactly is that Pure Fruit???


  1. remember that time you bought some Juicy Juice things (assuming that these would be healthy like teh juice boxes b/c juicy juice is 100% juice for 100% kids)and discovered they were loaded w/ sugar?

    Anyways. sorry bout your fruit bars. That's maddening! But I bet they were yummy :P

  2. fructose comes from fruit...and corn is the fruition of a corn plant...erm...



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