Thursday, October 29, 2009

somethin' I'm lovin'

oh yeah
peppermint oil!
We use it for several things around here
but my favorite way to use peppermint oil right now
is in the bath or shower.
When I'm slow to wake up,
which is
pretty much every day,
the delightful aroma of
a few drops of peppermint essential oil
and maybe some orange oil, too
on a cloth, thrown on the floor of the shower
just makes my brain happy.
And when my body aches
a few drops in a hot bath is just about heaven.
(well, it would be if my tub were comfy - for now, I pretend)
Sort of an icy heat;
the right amount leaves me feeling invigorated
too much, though,
leaves my hind-parts a bit too tingly
all day.
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  1. Another use for peppermint oil is to use it when you have a sinus headache. Just rub some on your hands and then cup them around your nose and smell. It will usually open up the sinus passages very quickly. Peppermint oil is wonderful!
    Sharon B.

  2. diluted and rubbed on your temples works wonders for a tension headache, too.

  3. OK you Home Remedy gals !
    Bath and Body the last few years at Christmas time has had Twisted Peppermint Body Lotion with Sparkles, Sugar Scrub(my favorite), and a Home Fragrance oil that is FANTASTIC !!!!! Praise the Lord my husband likes Spicey Peppermint.......... ;)

  4. FYI -Best vanilla candle on market !!!!!!!! Circle E Candles in the Buttery French Vanilla. YUMMY !!!!!! A little expensive, but well worth the extra. Check them out on Ebay or at their website......... Love their 3 wick in the cookie jar.


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