Monday, October 26, 2009

li'l Lex'

she sho do has what it takes

Lexi added Lily to her list of words
said, "I love you" this evening
which, while I'd like to think she said it to me first,
Brandon told me a few weeks ago
he was pretty sure she'd said it.

Still no teeth.

She crawls all over the place
and, of course, pulls herself to standing.
she got herself back down from standing.
Normally she either falls or cries for help
when her little legs get shaky.

add 'hey' to the list.
She just pulled out my earring and I said, "Heyyy!"
She laughed
and said it right back.

Maybe I should try telling her 'goodnight'
and just go to sleep;
maybe she'll do the same.
It could happen.


  1. Isn't it fun when they start talking? We try to get Izzy to say all kinds of things...

  2. Her little cousin got his first tooth this weekend! He still only rolls over one way - and not back yet... keep waiting for that next step.

    (I'm not holding my breath on talking. Your kids are more verbal than my little guys.)


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