Tuesday, October 6, 2009

start 'em young

I do love a clean floor!
and girls to help me clean them?
on that note...
Everyone knows
how much I love a good tool, too.
For the past 5 years
I've chosen lightweight vacuum cleaners
so my little ones would be able to 'help' vacuum.
You know - to encourage working and all.
Problem is
those little bitty vacuum cleaners
aren't meant to handle all the dirt
of a 2 dog, 8 person, mostly carpet house.
the littlest ones
shh - aren't really all that great at vacuuming.
their hearts are good
but they lack talent.
The big ones greatly dislike vacuuming.
to bless them
I usually do the bulk of the vacuuming around here.
At least once a day.
It really should be done twice a day.

For about 5 years
I've been using what amounts to a toy!
I know - I'm pretty slow sometimes!
For my birthday
I asked for a real vacuum.
No frills needed,
just powerful suction.
And probably a bit heavier
than the little ones would be able to handle.

How many gals have a vacuum that matches their phone??

and - I don't have to fight Lily for this one anymore

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