Saturday, October 31, 2009

I can almost taste it

It's been 3 long weeks
since we've had any real milk in the house
3 1/2 months
since we've had the really good stuff
(fresh, never frozen)
Back then, I could only have a sip or two
Lexi seems to be handling dairy just fine now
so long as I don't go hog-wild.

In just a few hours
Tyler and Brandon
will make the long trek to Claremore;
I'm so excited
I can almost taste the goodness!

Thank-you, Tyler,
for sacrificing your morning for us (again)
I love you!
oh, and I love our milk.

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  1. Dave and i both grew up with Dairy cows and love the fresh milk. It does have the most yummy taste and makes the best ice cream!


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