Saturday, October 17, 2009

welcome to the jungle

We knocked on the door
then cautiously pushed it open.
Things didn't sound good.
I looked at Jodi.
"He's trying to talk her into a C-section," she whispered.
I looked at Shelley, "What do you think?"
She silently shook her head 'no'.
I caught Lana's eyes, big and scared,
and firmly shook my head 'no' with a look that said
four hours and 34 minutes later
Lana pushed out - and I do mean pushed out -
an adorable 8 lb 1 oz baby boy.
Aiden Timothy

Lana did an absolutely fabulous job.
She listened to
and tried
Jodi and Shelley encouraged her to do.
I was so proud of her!
And so thankful that she had
both of them there.
And, of course,
immensely grateful that I was able to be a part
of the birth of my first grandson.

I doubt the nurses (who were very kind!)
had ever seen a soon-to-be-gramma
nursing her own infant daughter
in the labor room.
I must say - it felt rather odd to me, too
to go back and forth between
one baby girl
the other
Welcome little Aiden
you are so loved!!


  1. Congratulation! Been praying all would go well for Lana and baby.
    Sharon B.

  2. oh congratulations. He's beautiful. We have been praying for Lana this whole week.

  3. Congrats! Thanks for you comment on my blog. I PUSHED my first for about 4 hours. Not fun. But definitely worth it.

  4. What a tear-jerking post! What a beautiful boy he is!


  5. O I'm so happy for everyone! I can't wait to hear the whole birth story. It sounds like Lana did great! Shame on that Dr. pushing a c-section!!! Thank you God for healthy beautiful AIDEN!

  6. Thank you, momma. Not only did it mean a lot to have you there, you helped Lana into 'really active' labor (I'm not sure if what we had before classified as active or not, but the rest of her water broke and her contractions intensified significantly, shortly after you arrived and were with her!). We love you, all three of us.

    So glad to have Papa there too! He prayed with Lana at one point and that meant so much to her. So shout out to Papa: we love you, all three of us.

    Pray for Aiden as he had a bit of a fever the last time the nurse checked him (100.5, I think). They're not in a tizzy or anything, but a little concerned. But right now he and Mommy are sleeping together in the bed, so tired.

  7. congrats to my (gramma & grandpa) sister and Tyler! (That sounds so unreal!) Aiden is beautiful and I think its pretty great how the good Lord works. HE wanted you to be there for the birth, So HE arranged that it be at the hospital.And HE arranged for no c- section. God is good, always. Congratulations to all!


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