Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've done it again

I am beyond tickled with myself this time.
I've had a project idea for a few weeks now,
in my mind, at least.
I searched online for a tutorial;
no need to reinvent the wheel.
Didn't find one
so a week or so ago
I made my pattern (out of newspaper, of course)
was to buy cheap - or rather - inexpensive fabric
so I could do a test run.
I was so certain it would work, though
that I bought enough different fabrics for six of them.
I reasoned
that if adjustments were deemed necessary
2/3 yard would still be enough.
It would be naptime when we got back home
so I'd have time to sew.
I'd timed it perfectly.
I was unsure of my fabric content
so I knew it'd be foolish of me to not pre-wash.
I decided to be patient and throw them in the washer.
I added towels to the dryer
so it'd go faster.
I was just beginning to iron my fabrics
when Lexi woke up from her nap.
I've managed to steal a few minutes here and there
I finished my first one.
it's perfect!
No adjustments needed.
it's so darn cute!!


  1. I'm curious, too!! Enlighten us with a picture?? Please?!!

  2. Actually, Abigail, I thought this might be something you could teach your church ladies how to make :-)

  3. Abigail, my mom doesn't hold ppl in suspense often, but when she does, she sure enjoys it!!

    c'mon mom: share!!

  4. well, this is a little like torture, but you better get you a poor mans patent or something before you post it on the web!!
    so, you should just call and tell me!! very exciting!

  5. now, I don't know that it's all THAT great...
    remember - I DO tickle myself pretty easily :-P


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