Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amazing Eva

I picked her to be my friend when our now 13 year old sons
weren't yet toddlers.
It's true. 
I chose her because of Pete.

Peter was an adorable baby, not really chubby at all,
but he had a face like a perfect baby doll - with a beautiful smile and mischievous eyes.
Even as babies, Brandon and Pete played well together.
I always marveled, watching the two of them, that the 'experts' could say
that children so young weren't capable of really playing together,
because those boys definitely did.
I fell in love with Pete
(and I'm not real big on others' babies; I love my own and I love my friends'
but I'm not just gaga over kids.) 
and knew I'd love his mama, too.

I'd never actually picked a friend before;
I just sort of 'became' friends through circumstance,
so I wasn't really sure how this worked...
Eva kind of blew off my first feeble attempts at friendship,
but one day, when she was crazy busy helping her mom who had been in a car accident
she needed a sitter, and I volunteered.
She was a little nervous, I think, to leave her kiddos with an almost stranger.
(We have fond memories of that day. And a great story on Andrew ;-)

She wanted to return the favor, so a few months later,
she kept our kids, while Tyler and I went on a date.
We've been friends ever since.

I can't even express how much I love my friend.
Next to Tyler and my children, she is the dearest person in the world to me.
She knows me. 
Really knows me, 
and loves me anyways.

She got pregnant with her fifth while we were in the throes of infertility,
and was extremely gentle when she shared her good news.
I told her she was silly to worry so about me.
(but I loved her even more for it)

It never got old watching her become a mom again.
Pregnancies were so hard on her, but she rarely complained.
And oh, how she loved on her babies!
I so enjoyed sitting on her couch and witnessing her gentle love.

She tells me when I've offended her, so I can make it right.
I love and appreciate that so much about her!

Eva is a good mother and an excellent wife.
She has a great sense of humor.
She encourages me in godliness
and tells me hard truths.
She is beautiful - inside and out.
She serves her family (and others!) tirelessly.
(Well, she does get tired, but she keeps giving anyways)
She's a great cook ~ some of my favorite recipes come from her.
If she tells you she'll pray for you, she will.
She hears God, and obeys.
She is who I picture when people talk about a 'quiet woman'
(I'm sure she'd roll her eyes at that one - but it's true.)
She's helped me welcome babies,
and helped me send them off.
Eva inspires me.
She's my hero.
And she is already amazing!
This post was written to honor my precious friend
and to help Holley celebrate her new book You're Already Amazing.
It in no way denigrates my other amazing friends,  whom I am also grateful for.

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  1. You are the one who amazes me!!! With all the books you read surely you can think of a real hero! God bless you for making my day. I thank you a thousand times over. I will add this to
    my list of A Thousand Things to Be Thankful for. I love you! eva


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