Wednesday, March 7, 2012

photos for the LEM

I've been wanting to get some photos printed for the LEM
so when I got an e-mail from Mpix the other day,
telling me of half price 8x10 prints 
it was just the push I needed to sit my butt down at the computer
and finally decide what to print.

I already knew I wanted this senior picture of Tony

and this one of Lily & Josiah

I wanted this one of the girls
but I've decided against printing it now,
because I think I want it bigger - so I'll wait for another sale 

I also knew I wanted this one that I took of Lana
way back when we called Aiden 'Algie' 
because we didn't know if he was a he or a she.

Sadly, this was also back when I knew even less than the pitiful amount I now know
about photography, and the resolution is lousy, so I can't get a big print of it. pooh!
I'm going to print a little one anyways, because I love it so,
but I still need to come up with one to print.
Maybe I'll steal one from FB of the fam. 

I wanted this one of Lexi,
but again, poor resolution; they would only print a wallet of it.
A wallet!
(It's pretty cool that Mpix won't let you order a picture that won't print well, I suppose)

I may dig a little harder for that one, though;
I couldn't find it on my computer, so I downloaded it from my blog
then uploaded it to Mpix - so that may have affected the resolution some?
(It looks clearer here than the next picture does....)
I remembered that this was taken when we were in between computers, 
so maybe it's on my external hard drive??

I found a good one of T and Lex'
- although I'd like to take another at some point -

but I didn't have any good pictures of Jeremiah and Brandon
with any red in them, 
so I took each of them out and snapped a few shots.
I narrowed down Jeremiah's to a few favorites pretty quickly
(I think I'll print the last one, unless ya'll convince me otherwise)

but Brandon's...
Gosh - I like so many, I can't decide.
Help a girl out and vote for your favorite??

See my problem?! Hurry and decide for me; the sale ends tonight.


  1. Ok! Wait! Is that REALLY Brandon?? You really need to update your photos on the side bar! I seriously wouldn't have recognized him - other than that his grin looks like Tony's.
    My vote is for #6 where his hair is dark.
    You sure have a bunch of great looking kids!

  2. I like #5 of Brandon! :)
    And yes, if you download a picture off of your blog the resolution will be a lot worse--it may print all right if you can find it on your computer!

  3. those could pass for senior pictures of brandon, almost. Golly i am old :D and he looks older than he is. making me feel very old. He was my baby bub!!
    I can't decide either. First? Last? next to last??

    .... i have a cd of pictures, btw, from when we took them with the hobbs (and wore red :D ) and i can let you take the pic off the CD if the resolution will be better than on facebook. Too bad the one of me and 'algie' won't work :/ unfortunately, there is not a good one, AT ALL, of me when we took pictures with the hobbses. Well, maybe a decent one. The shirt had a bad neckline for pictures, with the way i had my hair. ... We got lotsa red, we could take pics any old time :D love you, good pictures!

  4. I like the one of him laying on his arm!

  5. def the one where he is laying on his arm, they are all pretty good, not as much of a smile in that one, but his eyes make up for it :)


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