Monday, March 5, 2012

a windy day


  1. Your pics are gorgeous. I have so many great memories of flying kites as a kid. Most memorable...we had a kite flight at church one day. I didn't have a kite so my dad went to get me one. He came back with a Chuck Norris kite. I was indeed the only little girl with a Chuck Norris kite.

  2. I remember flying kites when the H's still lived in rogers (well first, daddy and uncle scott took us to buy them :D ). Brandon was a toddler, or at least a little guy, and he loved kites! the string on one of them broke and uncle scott went running through the neighborhood, jumping over a fence, to catch it :D i think you and aunt jackie even flew kites for a little bit. and of course i remember flying kites in that fields in fort smith. :) looks like a fun day!

  3. Amy ~ that makes me laugh!!

    Lana ~ He got the kite back, too :-)

    It was fun - but I told Dad the next time he asks 'how many kites?' I'm saying TWO. It was stinking hard to run from kid to kid & get strings reattached and kites back in the air AND try to get pictures ;-)


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