Tuesday, March 6, 2012

viewing pleasure

I admit it.
We're a little crazy for White Collar.
(why am I not surprised to find this is a USA network show?! All the good ones are on USA)

Most nights, after we get the little ones in bed,
Brandon will take his place on the left end of the couch,
I'll sit on the right end and prop my feet on a bucket of Lincoln Logs
and Tyler will kick back in the falling-apart recliner.
Tony is usually gone :-( 

We have a 'one episode a day' rule,
but we had to break it last week when there was a surprise ending;
there was no way we could go to bed wondering if Peter was the bad guy
when we'd been thinking all along he was good.
I'm sure you understand.

Fortunately, when we finish our 30 episodes on Netflix,
Season 3 will be waiting for us on Hulu

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  1. sounds fun :) i am on a Doctor Who kick - british actors, poetic science fiction, (pretend) new worlds - what could be better?? Finished season one but am waiting to start season two b/c luke has seen so little of the first season, and only 2 seasons are on amazon anyways. Besides, i can stand to rewatch most of the first season :D


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