Friday, March 23, 2012

7 not terribly quick takes - updates

Sometimes, people post things that leave me,
months later, wanting an update.
So - you glittered your shoes.
What do they look like now that you've worn them?
that sort of thing....

So, here we go with 'updates'

Yes, I'm going to finish my quilt.
No, I don't know when.
It's been (obviously!) super slow going for me.
There are so many factors that come into play,
time, of course, being one.
Remembering is a biggie also.
I'll get to the end of the day and toss the in-progress quilt off my pillow
and think, 'shoot. I didn't work on my quilt today!'
Lighting is also a big issue.
As is, where are my sewing glasses??
(known to most as reading glasses)

I finished the words in the inner border.
They aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination,
but I think I'm okay with it.


I hand-quilted in red thread, all of the blue pinwheels,
and finally started in the red pinwheel blocks.
I was paralyzed with indecision for a few weeks:
I had trouble finding exactly the right color in the thread I wanted (#8 perle cotton).
I finally found the correct color, after much searching, in 6-strand embroidery floss.
Which is prone to tangling and knotting.
You see my dilemma!
I settled on the lesser thread,
knowing that the wrong color would annoy me
pretty much forever
and the thread would only annoy me while stitching.

Still the very best way to wash your face!
If all teens washed their faces regularly using this method,
and dabbed lavender oil on their zits,
I have no doubt 'teen acne' would be a thing of the past.

 The stool is holding up fabulously!
And the fabric is, most definitely, waterproof.
The only thing I don't like about it
- and it's not a big deal at all -
I used spray glue to affix the batting to the waterproofed fabric
and there are a few spots where I was a bit happy with my trigger finger.
Those areas are a darker color and therefore show through a bit.
Next time, I'd skip the glue.

we're just not going to talk about.
Every day, I curse the Run for God program.
Not really.
But if I were a cursing woman, I would.

We are still wheatless.
I forget his triglyceride numbers, but Tyler's brought his LDL down
forty points so far 
and his fasting blood sugar was 99.
I'm not sure that medication would've brought those results!
Maggie told me last week that I, too, am pre-diabetic.
(my glucose levels were higher than Tyler's!)
Which just ticks me off.
I don't have any family predisposition to diabetes,
so it's a result of my 'healthy' diet.
Tyler wants to add bread back in - 'a half piece a day'.
I told him I don't think that's possible,
since we've clearly identified the appetite stimulating effects of wheat.
I'll make it for him, though, I guess.

I still love my broom.
I'm actually pretty fond of my ridiculously huge dustpan, too.

Anything you've been wondering about
that you need an update on?
ask away.

as always, for more quick-takes, see Jen

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  1. try to make it sourdough bread, at least. Dr wheat guy (forgot his name) doesn't seem to think it will make a difference, but i think it might. See, because the fermenting affects the glutens (pretty sure....) and it's an ingredient in the gluten that is appetite stimulating. so sprouted sourdough bread should be better. I will try it after we have been on GAPS awhile and seem healthy. Maybe for Luke before that.


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