Wednesday, March 28, 2012

turkey sausage

Tyler asked me ages ago to e-mail him our 'recipe' for turkey sausage.
Which isn't so much 'turkey sausage'
as turkey sausage-flavored ground turkey.
I think, anyways.
I'm not sure what qualifies something as a 'sausage'.

Aren't ya'll so sad you don't share my brain?!

I'm glad you don't share my brain!
It's pretty obvious there isn't enough to go around...
I finally fulfilled his request.
And since I never want to waste typing up one of my fabulous recipes 
for just one person,
I figured I may as well  torture present you with yet another of my recipes.
in the loosest sense of the word.
I do know this.

Without further ado,
Ground Turkey Sausage(ish)

to ground turkey, while it's cooking, (after you've put a splash of EVOO in the pan)
generously - onion powder and season-all*
pretty generously - ground fennel, garlic powder or garlic salt (or mix of both...)
some - ground sage
I'd guess that if it doesn't taste sausage-y, more onion powder, fennel and sage is needed. 
But of course, that's just a guess.....
How would I really know without tasting?
Or at least smelling??

To make as patties: 
add an egg per lb of ground turkey, 
a smidge of olive oil, 
and about 1/4 c ground flax,
all those spices above
 then shape and cook. 
Can also be baked in the oven to free up stove space.

*for all purpose seasoning, 
2 parts garlic powder, 
1 part onion powder, 
1 part salt, 
1 part paprika, 
1/3ish part parsley - not packed and crushed a bit
and about 1/4 part black pepper

(I use a Good Seasons spice jar as my 'part')
(Paprika is cheapest at Aldi.)

Stay tuned.
Another poor soul friend asked for a recipe, too.
I'll be sure and share that with everyone also.
That one is a little more like a real recipe, though, with measurements and stuff.


  1. Sounds great!!!
    As for your all purpose seasoning, I use just about the same thing except mine (really Emeril's ESSENCE - is he famous? "Essence" is always in capitals on the recipes...) calls for 2 1/2 part paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano and thyme with all the good stuff you mentioned.

    All of that would taste good with sausage too, I think. Yummm! I think I need to go find some ground meat!

    Also, is paprika expensive there? Or were you just advising shoppers? It's pretty cheap here, but it's sold in such small quantities that I feel foolish at checkout with 10 envelopes of the same thing. Haha!

  2. Yes, Emeril is famous ~ I think 'BAM!' is his trademark expression....

    Nah, it's not terribly expensive - just costs more than the other spices and WM doesn't have it in the 'cheap spices', so it costs more there than it does at Aldi ;-)
    we use a TON of this seasoning!

  3. yum!! and how do you do that cross out a word thing? thats cool! always wondered, forget to ask! please share!


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