Thursday, January 16, 2014

even better than I suspected

You know how I posted my baking mix recipe the other day?

Oh, of course you know.


I'd never done the math.
I mean,
I knew you'd end up consuming fewer calories and fat
but I didn't realize just how much less!
I crunched some numbers this morning,
'cause it's been bugging me for 2 days now.

Let's just say your original recipe for a muffin in a mug used 2 Tbs each ground flax and Almonds.
That'd be 164 calories and 13.5 fat grams.

If you used all 4 TBS flax, you'd have 148 cal and 12 g fat
All almonds, 180 calories and 15 fat grams.
(Obviously - these counts are just the flour portion of your recipe)

Using my baking mix
(and remember, you only need 3 TBS 'flour', instead of the 4 normally required for MiMs)
the flour portion is only 89.25 calories
and 7.3 grams of fat!


For a Fuel Pull recipe,
you could even substitute some of the oat fiber with the baking mix for tastier results
and still be in FP range!
(I'm sorry - I know that meant absolutely nothing to most of you. But trust me, it's exciting to a fat girl ;-)

I'd figure out how much money is saved by the addition of oat fiber to the baking mix,
but I've reached my math limit.

It's got me curious, though...

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  1. your figuren sounded good to me the out come sounds fabulous!!
    you go girl!!
    have to try it for sure now!
    love ya,


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