Sunday, January 26, 2014

girls' night

Friday night,
the guys went on a father-son freeze-your-butt-off camping trip
so we had a little girls' night here at the house.
Make-up & curly hair,
and a princess movie.

She looks so much like her big sissy did when she was a little girl!

this right here? classsic Lex'

I love you, my beautiful girls ~ with or without curls and make-up.
I'm proud to be your momma.

(After a few hours, Lily brushed her hair, to kinda tone the curls down a little.
She said "I like the curls - I just wanted to make them more 'me'." 
I love that she knows what 'me' feels like.
I hope she doesn't forget as she gets older...)


  1. what beautiful girls with their beautiful Momma! pretty fancy with make up and curls! don't grow up too fast! sounds like like was a fun night for the girls! love to all

  2. Love it! You girls are all so beautiful!!

  3. such beauties...all three of you!! and what fun to have a girly girl night!! xoxo to all of you!! love you bunches!!

  4. Lily makes my cock stand up straight!


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